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WooCommerce Advanced Product Importer & Affiliate

WooCommerce Advanced Product Importer & Affiliate v2.7.1

No permission to download
Woocommerce logo

The Product Importer plugin lets you import any product from the 100+ marketplace websites supported by this extension into your WooCommerce store in just one click and sale the imported product as yours or as an affiliate.

You can also add new/update your existing product information by providing an existing product ID.

The data that you can import includes:
  • Name
  • SKU
  • Description
  • Price
  • Images
  • Brand
  • Categories
  • Variations
  • Attributes/Features
  • Customer Reviews
The extension works on all these marketplace websites:

Amazon.com, Amazon.com.au, Amazon.com.br, Amazon.ca, Amazon.cn, Amazon.fr, Amazon.de, Amazon.in, Amazon.it, Amazon.co.jp, Amazon.com.mx, Amazon.nl, Amazon.es, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ae, Amazon.sa, Amazon.se, Amazon.pl, Amazon.sg, Amazon.com.tr, Amazon.eg,

ebay.com, ebay.com.au, ebay.at, benl.ebay.be, befr.ebay.be, ebay.ca, ebay.cn, ebay.fr, ebay.de, ebay.ie, ebay.it, ebay.com.hk, ebay.com.my, ebay.nl, ebay.ph, ebay.pl, ebay.com.sg, ebay.es, ebay.ch, ebay.co.uk, ebay.vn,

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, id.aliexpress.com, ar.aliexpress.com, de.aliexpress.com, es.aliexpress.com, fr.aliexpress.com, it.aliexpress.com, ja.aliexpress.com, ko.aliexpress.com, nl.aliexpress.com, pt.aliexpress.com, ru.aliexpress.com, th.aliexpress.com, tr.aliexpress.com, vi.aliexpress.com, he.aliexpress.com,

Walmart.com, super.walmart.com.mx, walmart.com.mx, walmart.ca,


Shein.com, fr.shein.com, ca.shein.com, il.shein.com, au.shein.com, de.shein.com, ru.shein.com, eur.shein.com, br.shein.com, asia.shein.com, cl.shein.com, id.shein.com, it.shein.com, jp.shein.com, ar.shein.com, my.shein.com, shein.com.mx, nl.shein.com, nz.shein.com, ph.shein.com, pl.shein.com, pt.shein.com, us.shein.com, sg.shein.com, za.shein.com, es.shein.com, shein.se, shein.in, ch.shein.com, shein.tw, th.shein.com, shein.co.uk, shein.com.vn, shein.com.hk,

Allegro.pl, Trendyol.com,

Mercadolibre.com, mercadolibre.com.ar, Mercadolibre.com.bo, Mercadolivre.com.br, Mercadolibre.cl, Mercadolibre.com.co, Mercadolibre.co.cr, Mercadolibre.com.do, Mercadolibre.com.ec, Mercadolibre.com.gt, Mercadolibre.com.hn, Mercadolibre.com.mx, Mercadolibre.com.ni, Mercadolibre.com.pa, Mercadolibre.com.py, Mercadolibre.com.pe, Mercadolibre.com.sv, Mercadolibre.com.uy, Mercadolibre.com.ve,

Wildberries.ru, by.Wildberries.ru, kz.wildberries.ru, am.wildberries.ru, ee.wildberries.ru, lv.wildberries.ru, it.wildberries.ru, md.wildberries.ru, us.wildberries.ru, wildberries.fr, it.wildberries.eu, wildberries.es, de.wildberries.eu, wildberries.co.il, ee.wildberries.ru, wildberries.ua, sk.wildberries.eu,

Target.com, Americanas.com.br,

Lazada.com, lazada.vn, lazada.com.my, lazada.co.th, lazada.sg, lazada.com.ph, lazada.co.id,

Hepsiburada.com, Wish.com,

Wayfair.com, wayfair.ca, wayfair.co.uk, wayfair.de,

Etsy.com, Jd.com,

Shopee.com, shopee.co.id, shopee.tw, shopee.vn, shopee.co.th, shopee.ph, shopee.com.my, shopee.sg, shopee.com.br, shopee.com.mx, shopee.com.co, shopee.cl, shopee.pl, shopee.es, shopee.fr, shopee.in,

Bol.com, Coupang.com,

Emag.ro, emag.bg, emag.hu,

Manomano.com, manomano.fr, manomano.es, manomano.it, manomano.co.uk, manomano.de,

Myntra.com, Otto.de, Overstock.com, Tiki.vn, Takealot.com,

Spartoo.com, spartoo.co.uk, spartoo.it, spartoo.es, spartoo.de, spartoo.be, de.spartoo.ch fr.spartoo.ch, it.spartoo.ch, spartoo.bg, spartoo.gr, spartoo.cz, spartoo.dk, spartoo.eu, spartoo.fi, spartoo.hu, spartoo.com.hr, spartoo.nl, spartoo.pl, spartoo.pt, spartoo.ro, spartoo.sk, spartoo.si, spartoo.se, spartoo.cn, fr.spartoo.ch,

Snapdeal.com, Shoptime.com.br, Rueducommerce.fr, Reverb.com, Pontofrio.com.br, Noon.com, Netshoes.com.br, Kaufland.de,

Jumia.com.ng, jumia.dz, jumia.sn, jumia.com.eg, jumia.com.tn, jumia.com.gh, jumia.ug, jumia.ci, jumia.co.za, jumia.co.ke, jumia.ma,


Houzz.com, houzz.co.uk,

Gittigidiyor.com, G2a.com,

, fruugo.ie, fruugoaustralia.com, fruugo.us, fruugo.at, fruugobahrain.com, fruugo.be, fruugo.ca, fruugochina.com, fruugo.cz, fruugo.dk, fruugo.fi, fruugo.fr, fruugo.gr, fruugoindia.com, fruugo.hu, fruugo.ie, fruugo.co.il, fruugo.it, fruugo.jp, fruugo.lu, fruugo.my, fruugo.nl, fruugo.co.nz, fruugo.no, fruugo.ph, fruugo.pl, fruugo.pt, fruugo.qa, fruugo.ro, fruugosaudiarabia.com, fruugo.sg, fruugo.sk, fruugo.co.za, fruugo.kr, fruugo.es, fruugo.se, fruugoschweiz.com, fruugo.com.tr, fruugo.ae, fruugo.co.uk,

Farfetch.com, Falabella.com, Extra.com.br, Darty.com,

Dafiti.com.br, Dafiti.com.ar, Dafiti.com.co, Dafiti.cl,

Conforama.fr, Casasbahia.com.br, Bukalapak.com, Blibli.com,

Bestbuy.com, bestbuy.ca,


Abebooks.com, abebooks.co.uk, abebooks.fr, abebooks.de, abebooks.it,

Chewy.com, Wehkamp.nl, Zattini.com.br, Digitec.ch,


Samsclub.com, sams.com.mx,

Banggood.com, usa.banggood.com, banggood.com, fr.banggood.com, pt.banggood.com, br.banggood.com, uk.banggood.com, au.banggood.com, nl.banggood.com, it.banggood.com, ru.banggood.com, es.banggood.com, pt.banggood.com, jp.banggood.com, ar.banggood.com, de.banggood.com, tr.banggood.com, hu.banggood.com, gr.banggood.com, banggood.in, pl.banggood.com,

Catch.com.au, Sears.com, Kmart.com,

Zalora.com, zalora.co.id, zalora.sg, zalora.com.ph, zalora.com.tw, zalora.com.hk, zalora.com.my,

Privalia.com, es.privalia.com, it.privalia.com, br.privalia.com,

Veepee.nl, Grailed.com, Zozo.jp,

Patpatwholesale.com, Tashaapparel.com, Defacto.com.tr, Lcwaikiki.com.tr, Ironitekstil.com.tr, Patirti.com, Armaganoyuncak.com.tr, Lutvelizade.com.tr, Dropship-clothes.com,

frankonia.de, frankonia.fr, frankonia.at, frankoniamoda.ch, frankonia-b2b.com,

Aeropostale.com, Theiconic.com.au, Aukro.cz, Sendo.vn,



  • Easy to install and use
  • Secure import by credentials
  • Many data options to import
  • Additional advanced options feature to manage your imported products while importing
  • Easy product import from any website supported by the extension
  • Products will be imported into your WooCommerce store as configured options in just one click.
  • Option to import product as Simple, Variable or Affiliate.
  • Free Chrome extension

This extension is based on the Chrome extension and you can download the supporting Chrome extension from here
Please, Log in or Register to view URLs content!
















This plugin imports all possible data related to the product in the same form as the source is available on the website, so you may need some minor manual modifications according to your requirement.​

Use Case:

Just follow the simple instructions below to use this plugin:
1. You will need to install the plugin in your WooCommerce and open the plugin configuration page either from the Plugins page or from the Products > Importer Configuration menu option in your admin panel.
2. Install the Chrome extension in your browser, you will see that the login page requires Import link and Secret key to connect.
3. Copy the Import link and Secret key from the plugin configuration page in your admin panel and paste it into the Chrome extension text box and proceed to connect. If everything works, the extension will connect, and you will see the Import Options in Chrome extension instead of the connection form.
4. You need to go to any Amazon product page and click on the Import button visible at the bottom right of the Chrome extension, you can change some properties if necessary. If everything works, you will get the success message and the product will be imported into your WooCommerce.

Only once you will need to follow all the steps, next time you can import products from step 4 only.

If you get any error message during steps 3 and 4 then contact us so that we can take a look and fix the problem.


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

Quick catalog management

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  • sherry12
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: v2.7.1
I found what i was looking for and the support is also so cooperative . but i need updated version of this plugin hope i will get that too ASAP
overall you can find anything here and the best part is you can directly communicate with customer support if your desired product is not listed in koddeblend.us they will arrange it for you in free of cost ...Thats thet greatest part i have ever seen <3
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